Rene's Heavy Rotation

Goapele's dropping the video for her single Milk & Honey soon....

DJ Honda ft Mos Def - Magnetic Arts
Mos Def gives a little rhyme reminiscent of Casa Bey off his latest album The Ecstatic.

Frank Sirius - Complete
This song is the quintessential summer love song, laid back, smooth, and sultry.
From the moment I touched you, I knew that I loved you, you made my life complete

Goapele - Milk & Honey
Goapele's working on a new album entitled Milk & Honey same as the first single. This track was leaked a while back in April, but I'm still bumping it now, especially with the video coming soon.

Joy Jones - Promised Land
I've been playing her new alum Godchild, and this is one of my favorite tracks. I love the heavy melodic Afro-Brazilian beat her voice melds with.

Osunlade Ft. Eric Roberson - Everything In It's Right Place (Radiohead Cover)
I just came across this Radiohead cover that Eric Roberson smashes. His voice is amazing, he should be so much more famous than he is. He blows these little R&B dudes out of the water. PERIOD

Pete Zuma Ft. Bilal - High & Dry
It's Bilal. Enough said.

Theophilus London ft. Peter Hadar - Want U For Myself
I'm starting to listen to more and more of Theophilus' work, I like the kids' style. Word is he really wanted to put Jesse Boykins III on the track, but Peter does it justice.

The Roots - How I Got Over
In anticipation of The Roots new album, I've had this track on repeat. I love the message:
Out in these street where I grew up first thing thing they teach you's not to give a f*ck...That type of thinking won't get you nowhere, someone has to care...

The Werd - Watching
West coaster The Werd sent me this fun song via Twitter. He definitely has some lines on here. Check him out on Myspace.

I saw your ex-girl next to your car outside the AMC cinema questioning herself like the Riddler...

XV ft. Colin Munroe - Start A War
Colin Munroe makes this song, I love his style and this is just a great song lyrically.

A war like this can turn the world around...This love is enough to start a war...


International Treasure: Tumi & The Volume

South African hip hop band Tumi & The Volume are making waves the world over as “The Roots of Africa”. Tanzanian poet and MC Tumi Molekane leads the group with razor sharp,witty, politically charged lyrics, and is backed by Mozambiquan band 340ml, comprised of musicians David Bergman (bass), Tiago Paulo (guitar), and Paulo Chibanga (drums).

Their 2006 self-titled sophomore album takes on various genres from hip hop, Afro-jazz, and metal, creating their distinct sound. Hip hop star Mos Def featured the group in his NY Times Playlist this past May, praising the group’s “well-structured rhymes delivered in an easy and urgent pace at the same time.” He goes on to write, “It’s like King Sunny Adé or Talking Heads or Fela, or early Coldplay. It’s more interesting even than that stuff. It’s got lush melodies. They cover a lot of ground. There’s some Red Hot Chili-type flavor, some ska, there’s a lot going on in that band.”

Starting out in 2002 playing gigs across Africa and Europe, their debut, At The Bassline, catapulted them to star status, resulting in the group opening for larger international acts, and sharing stages with The Roots and Coldplay.

I'm personally in love with their latest album. It flows effortlessly;Tumi's poetic beginnings adds a depth to his lyrical ability and flow that is irreproachable, and the sound the Volume provides as a backdrop for the vocals bumps like a "global jam funk house party".

Check out their Myspace page, and peep the video below to see where The Roots comparison is coming from.




Kid Cudi : NASA Music
  1. 1.The Moon Man
  2. 2.Welcome To The World (Remix) (Feat. Kevin Rudolf, Rick Ross)
  3. 3.Everything Is Broken (Feat. Mr. Hudson)
  4. 4.Higher Up
  5. 5.Make Her Say (Feat. Kanye West, Common)
  6. 6.Buggin Out (Feat. Consequence, J. Period)
  7. 7.Boom Boom Pow (Remix) (Feat. Black Eyed Peas, Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane)
  8. 8.Sky Might Fall (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross)
  9. 9.Look Up In The Stars (Feat. Wale)
  10. 10.Day N Nite
  11. 11.Sky High (Feat. Kanye West)
  12. 12.Excuse My Mood
  13. 13.Date New (Remix) (Feat. Yung O)
  14. 14.Can I Be
  15. 15.Switchin Lanes
  16. 16.Therapy Part 2 (Feat. Talib Kweli, Alchemist, Evidence, Blu)
Verse Simmonds: The Sex Tape Chronicles

2.Show Me What You Got
3. If You Wont feat Bree D’val.1
4. Break Up Feat R. City, Lunch Money
5. Front Back Side 2 Side
6. Intoxicated Text
7. S.E.X
7.2 Come To Me Interlude
8.Come To Me Baby
9. Buy You A Round
10. Skit
11. Skit 2
12. Work It Out
13. Winen It (Jinx Mix)
14. Summer Song Ft. Verse
15. Day and Tonite Outro

For more mixtapes check out: The Hottest ISHH -"We ain't business men, we a business man"


Check it out:

Beat's a little different for a dancehall track but still a decent song & good vid

Magaeen (Rick Ross' Reggae Artist): Beat IT

Some people are hating because they dislike Rick Ross but judge the artist/ song not the record label...

Let me know what you think


Semen Revealed

It’s amazing what guys come up with to try to convince females to give them oral, swallow their cum or to allow them to bust on their faces.

Well I know there are females with questions about semen and its magical powers, so I did some research and here’s the truth, once and for all.

Is their protein in cum?

- Yes there is. Proteins are a major component of the seminal fluid found in cum.

Is cum good for you?”

- Sadly it is. Sperm (spermatozoa) only makes up about 10% of cum; the other 90% is “seminal fluid” which contains: sugars, minerals (zinc, calcium, potassium…), Vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B12…), hormones, body by- products, PROTEINS & amino acids and other substances.

Is cum fattening?

- Nope. Cum doesn’t contain a lot of fat or calories. It’s about 5 calories per one teaspoon of cum.

One site even referred to cum as a “high protein, low-carb SNACK” (lmao…that killed me)

Does cum cure acne?

- As my good friend S. Mirda P. would say: “No silly bitch, it does not.”

And if you’ve tried:

shame on you.

Is it possible to improve the taste of cum?

Yes. The taste of a man’s semen is dependent on his diet. So if you’re dating a smoker (of anything), or alcohol drinker then enjoy that foul-tasting mess but if you’re dating a vegetarian then you’re man’s cum is probably like a tropical fruit smoothie (lol). Basically if you want to taste better, eat better; more fruits and veggies & less red meat, fish, and dairy. This goes for females as well.

So there you go, all the secrets of semen have been revealed & don’t let any man tell you differently. Now what you do with the information…is none of my business.

Isn’t learning fun?

To learn more about cum, swallowing tips (lol) and more (trust me there’s more), check out dontspitswallow.com.

I don't really have any songs about semen (shocking right) but these are just as good:

Get on your knees-50 cent

"Baby if you get on your knees..."

Suck it or Not- Cam'Ron

"Now stand back and catch my amazing graces..."


It might taste better but you better make sure you're not licking a herpes pop.

Make sure that both you and your partner get tested.

There's nothing sexy about STD's or STI's



Melo-X BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP

Melo-X - BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP

Melo-X's instrumental EP based off of Maxwell's recently released BLACKsummers'night was released today via Okayplayer. The Bad Habits track he leaked last week entitled The Highest got a lot of praise. If it's any indication of the rest of the EP then it's a must download.

In other news, he's performing tonight at S.O.Bs along with Colin Munroe, Nyle, Diz Gibran, and the Kickdrums.



A great kiss is worth more than a thousand words… (to me anyway)

Honestly a kiss can tell you a lot, including whether or not your relationship is going to last.

In one survey, 8 of 10 people said that being a bad kisser would most likely end the relationship.

Now I am a believer in helping any untalented kissers that may come my way, but if you can’t be taught or if you’re a spitter, then don’t let the door hit you…

A kiss can also tell you the status of your relationship…

If a guy has sex with you but doesn’t kiss you before, after or during then

1) He knowingly has bad breath OR

2) You’re just a jump off

You decide.

Kissing makes sex more personal and passionate, aspects that meaningless sex tends to lack.

A kiss can be used to let someone know that you love them even before you are ready to say it. If you’re kissing for the sake of kissing, meaning that it isn’t leading to sex, then it lets the other person know that you care for them especially if there’s eye contact previous to the kiss and a gentle (non- sexual) embrace during the kiss.

It’s no secret that kissing can lead to more but if that “more” is your goal then it will be evident through the way you kiss and that won’t get you anywhere, unless it’s a booty call/ jump-off type of situation.

Besides the obvious effects on your relationship, kissing can also affect your health…in a GOOD way.

“People who kiss their partner goodbye each morning live five years longer than those who don’t.

- “Kissing burns calories, 2-3 calories a minute and can double your metabolic rate. Research claims that three passionate kisses a day (at least lasting 20 seconds each) will cause you to lose an entire extra pound!”

“During a kiss, natural antibiotics are secreted in the saliva. Also, the saliva contains a type of anesthetic that helps relieve pain.

- “Those who kiss quite frequently are less likely to suffer from stomach, bladder and blood infections

“The endorphins produced by kissing are 200 times more powerful than morphine

- & much more check out Bestkisses.com for more kissing benefits

It seems we spend a lot of time arguing and sweating the small stuff while we could be kissing.

Stress causes all types of illnesses.

Kissing relieves stress.

Wouldn’t you rather replace that hospital visit with a bomb ass kiss or two or more?

I would.

Lv/Sx dare: Next time you see your (actual) boo, lover, spouse, crush or that person you just been dying to kiss, Kiss them, passionately, just ‘cause.

Or don’t (punk). single_Smile.gif silly smiley face image by Geneline

**This post was inspired by Kiss Away-718** GREATT SONGG

Let me know how it goes.




These spoof videos are hilarious. Lil' Duval and Affion Crockett are some funny dudes.


Trend Spot: Beauty & The Beast

The male/female duo is not a new concept in the music industry. We could look back at great duos like Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Ashford & Simpson, Sonny & Cher, even Ike & Tina Turner. Recently, I have come across a new breed of duos, in what I categorize as Beauty & The Beast. A duo with a beautiful female vocalist as the face and a beastly, killer producer in the background, yet still by her side. The three examples I have below also happen to be R&B/electronic/punk rock duos, blending genres together to create their unique sounds.


Los Angeles based band J*Davey is comprised of model-esque singer Jack Davey (born Brianna Cartwright) and producer Brook D'Leau. Jack's husky voice melds with D'Leau's electro-funk sound with ease as heard on their two EPs Land of the Lost and The Beauty in Distortion, which they released independently as a double LP in 2008. After a successful tour stint, the group signed to major label Warner Bros.

He Say, She Say

Repping Chicago, 1st & 15th signees Drea Smith and Million $ Mano make up punk/electro duo He Say, She Say. The pair is very edgy from Drea's provocative, in your face lyrics to Mano's electric synth laced production. Only three songs are currently floating around the web since 2007, Akward, Crash Dummie and Modesty is Key, but they are currently working on their debut album. From the video below you can tell they're a fun pair.


The galactic pair of Ragen Fykes and producer/DJ/MC Ohmega Watts creates M64, a name inspired by the Black Eye Galaxy for how two galaxies combined to make one collaborative effort. They are in the beginning stages of recording and pull from a more soulful inspiration than J*Davey or He Say, She Say. I featured the Caribbean flavored Rhythm of the Drums in my playlist last week. I'm definitely feeling the direction their going in.


Return of the TRASH

Just when I was starting to believe that music videos were taking a turn for the better (ditching the hoefessionals (excuse my language) and overall lack of substance) I ran into these two...

Face- Rick Ross ft Trina

Really? You call this a music video? But I guess it's perfect for this substance lacking song. Also, I understand that Trina is Trina and she will forever be...just that...but I don't think this was the track for her to jump on if she's trying to get back in the game. Yes I'm used to her saying nasty things, but it's usually packaged better. And I'ma need Rick Ross to stop frontin like he's sexy, put your shirt on, seriously. I'm just really not feeling the clothing deficiency in this video... & honestly ya'll could do better

F*ck Yeaah- Snoop Dogg

So you have to verify your age before you can see this...smh... I love Snoop but I am not a fan of this nastiness. This is actually a decent song but this video just completely ruined it for me. Is there a rule somewhere that says a song about sex has to be represented by nudity? And isn't the whole point of uncut vidoes to give artists with wack songs a chance so that their song actually gets some play? Am I sensing some insecurity Snoop? Are you trying to use T&A to make up for what your song lacks?

I just really wish that people would stop making videos like these. Even if you have age verification, what' s to stop curious little kids from just putting in a fake birthday, like I just did? NOTHING. Then you have young boys getting a bad perception of women that might lead them to lose respect for women in the future and young girls thinking it's okay to shake their goodies in some video for a little bit of cash. We will never improve as a community if people don't fully think about the consequnces of their actions. I mean look at the dude who was dumb enough to bring an unregistered gun to a nightclub and then shoot himself in the leg (the same leg which he had already incurred a hamstring injury in). Really Burres? You coulda had a V8.

*I will be removing the Snoop Video at midnight, I don't want to help spread the trash.

Keep it clean.


New Jay Electronica

New Orleans bred MC Jay Electronica teases us with this new video. He's working with Just Blaze and I'm excited for the new material.

Before I Born: What A Night!

The Four Seasons 1976 hit December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) is my throwback joint of the moment. The song is a very soulful, upbeat tale of being mesmerized by someone at first sight.

You know I didn't even I know her name
But i was never gonna be the same
What a lady, what a night

The group was an American pop band that changed it's members around too many times to count but made timeless music. The song has been revamped by Wyclef and dance hall artist Mr. Vegas.


Dickey Ride

Don’t you wanna dickey ride?

Well before you answer, here are a few things you might want to consider

“Riding the pony” is one of the quickest way for many women to achieve an orgasm.

While on top, the woman is able to control the rhythm, the speed, and just how deep she wants it…

This position is also favored by males.

When the female is on top, the male gets to sit/lay down and relax, while she does all the work.

The male also gets a very nice visual (bouncing breast & “action” faces if facing each other OR booty bouncing if in reverse cowgirl position)… either way something’s bouncing and this helps to further stimulate the male(... Continue reading Dickey Ride...)



“Memories of you when you were mine…”

Back then…

Forever remains in my heart, warming my soul and lingering in my thoughts….

Because you can’t forget your first love, even when you want to.

But then again, why would you want to forget...

The ONE who taught you so much,

…about yourself…

…about your heart…

… about your ability to love…

Once upon a time, that ONE was your world,

The reason you smiled, even when they were not around,

The reason you cried, tears of joy, tears of pain…

The reason you loved.

Yes it ended, like all good things do, but you won’t forget.

You can’t forget.

The first one to capture your heart and take your breath away…

You may love a thousand more times but it’ll never be the same

Just like you can’t lose your virginity twice, there can only be one FIRST love

And I’d choose YOU again

Here are some tracks that have a way of taking me back…

My first love- Tynisha Kelli

My first love- Carl Thomas

First love- Adele

Before him, there was music, my first truelove.

A love that is truly unconditional and never ending.

**This post was inspired by My First Love- Avant **

" a tarnished ring on tarnished chain..."


Head 2 Head: First Date Sex

Jeremih's Birthday Sex has a million and one remixes, this we all know. But, Trey Songz and Mike Posner's remixes go by the same title, First Date Sex. Trey Songz version came out first back in May, Mike's was recently released. I did a little survey via Twitter, and it was unanimous that Trey's was better. I think Trey's voice rides over the beat better, but they both come with it lyrically. I like what Mike does to the beat, changing up the piano a bit.

Which artist's version do you prefer? Which artist would you give some First Date Sex to ladies (hypothetically speaking of course LOL)?


The Catch Up

Any chick that can rock a low hair cut like this has my respect. PERIOD We hide behind our hair ladies, set yourself free!

Music Spotlight: Jon Bibbs [Love BScott]
Live Shows: Mike Posner & Big Sean @ SOBs [MAD Only]
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