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Wale-Pretty Girls

Wale's newly leaked Pretty Girls (rumored track from forth coming album Attention Deficit) has him rapping over a Go Go beat, as he has done on other records like Back in the Go Go and The Roots' Rising Up. If you've had the pleasure of seeing Wale live, then you're familiar with UCB (the Uncalled 4 Band) a live Go Go band he uses as backup on tour. It seems, the DC native's personal mission is to put the capital on the map, musically, and bring the Go Go sound main stream. And you ask:

What the hell is Go Go?

Go Go is a musical style that developed in the 70s, heavily rooted in funk and Afro-Caribbean sounds. Largely credited to Chuck Brown and his band the Soul Searchers, their number one 1978 single Bustin' Loose was the first victory for Go Go on a national level. You may remember, Spike Lee's 1986 film School Daze featuring E.U performing Da Butt, which also was a number one single. Aside from these two instances, Go Go hasn’t really taken off outside of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area but has still evolved, becoming faster with the founding of the bounce beat and involving a dance where the natives beat their feet.

While I’m not from the DMV, I do love Go Go, and to experience it live is amazing. Below are some of my favorite Go Go songs. What do you think of the style? Can Wale bring it mainstream? Learn more about Go Go.



Reecie said...

I had to come straight to the go-go post since I am a big go-go fan! I am from VA, but I'm glad more people are getting a taste of Go-go via Wale. Amerie's 1Thing had a lot of people boppin their heads and diggin the beats as well. and it would be great if she would revisit the sound. I think some of my faves not mentioned here are booty call by northeast groovers, thug passion by backyard band, and pieces of me by rare essence. Oh Sexy Lady by CCB is my jam too! ok, I'll stop now. LOL. anyway great blog! I'm still looking around!

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