This isn’t about biting your finger nails or twirling your hair…

But this bad habit is probably a lot harder to let go off.

There are many of us who have people in our lives that work against our well being (be it physical or emotional) but for some reason we keep them around.

It could be a family member or a friend but usually it’s that significant other.

People like to set limits…

“ if he does this, then I will leave him once and for all”

But when they cross that line, you just draw a new one.

It’s usually hard to realize that you are doing this, making exceptions, excuses and putting all your hope in intentions until it’s too late.

Well stop.

I’ve heard so many songs about the difficulties of letting go of someone you love but it gets to a point where it’s either them or you.

Now a lot of you might think that the decision is obvious but when you’re deep in love with someone, you tend to put them first and that’s usually how the habit begins.

No matter how many times they hurt you, you find a reason to accept their apology and take them back.

Someone once told me that people don’t change, of course I didn’t listen, but with time I’ve realized that there is truth in that statement.

I will always be [a hopeless romantic]

& you will always be [undeserving of my love]

“So I…
I told myself that I would make some changes,
But the more I change there's one thing that remains the same
I can't seem to shake ya
You seem to really have a hold on me…”

-Destiny’s Child: Bad Habit

Break through the lies & see through the lines

People do change but rarely for the better.



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