Before I Was Born: Die 4 U

I'll be doing throwback videos from before I was born as an homage to the great music I couldn't live without, even thought it was released before my late 80s birth. If you know me, you know I live, and die for Prince. The high heels, ruffly blouses, assless pants, seductive voice, he's the sexiest lady man to ever do it LOL. What better way to start then a live performance of I Would Die 4 U, from the classic 1984 album Purple Rain. Watch out for Shiela E. killing the congos! Enjoy!


You're just a sinner I am told
Be your fire when you're cold
Make u happy when you're sad
Make u good when u are bad

I'm not a human
I am a dove
I'm your conscious
I am love
All I really need is 2 know that
U believe

Yeah, I would die 4 u, yeah


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