Birthday SeX

Birthday SeX.

Want some?

Of course you do. Honestly who doesn’t? (Sorry Virgins –but some of you probably want it too) ;)

Truth is that it’s probably not even your birthday, but you still want the sex which is probably why the song is so popular…

So, how true is it?

Do people actually just want sex to commemorate the addition of a new year to their Oh-so –wonderful life?

I’m pretty sure if you have some kind of a significant other, a girl/boyfriend, wife/husband, lover, friend (with benefits shh!), or a very friendly neighbor, then you most likely will be getting some on your special day.

Now women might be able to get away with simply giving their man some mind blowing sex for their birthday but it’ll never work the other way around.

A woman might want sex on her birthday but best believe you better have her real gift waiting, probably with some dinner too.

The thing is, sex is sex, and as women we can get it whenever we want (unless your dude is into men), so this question is for all the males out there, including you Jeremih,

What are you going to do to me on my birthday that is going to be so different from sex any other day?

Are you going to pour warm chocolate all over my body?

Or last longer than usual?

Are you going to wear a silk thong and do little dance for me?

Or Are you going to have Trey Songz perform as you give it to me?

Are you going to do the impossible and be someone ELSE?

Or are you going to go Soulja Boy on my ass and UUUUU me to orgasmic ecstasy?

Yeah, didn’t think so…

Now there is something that might be a little different on your birthday IF your with someone who isn’t usually into cunninglingus or fellatio (Google it), it just might happen on that day (so keep your fingers crossed).

So Birthday Sex.

Song= amazing, idea =incomplete… sorry Jeremih but I will be needing you to “take a dive into the water, deep until(you) know (you) pleased that body on the daily, not just on my birthday.

So here are some tips for all the men out there:

1. Don’t forget your girls ( or your side pieces, smh) birthday

2. Make her feel special, if not every day (lazy) then especially on that day

3. A dick in a box is a cute, funny gesture but there better be another box somewhere that has something besides your genitals in it or you might find yourself left with nothing but your HAND

And for all of you out there who might not have heard the song yet, here it is along with the 50 million remixes, the good ones anyway, Enjoy :)

Birthday sex by Jeremih

Birthday sex rmx- ft Tinie Tempah

Birthday Sex rmx- ft Stat Quo

Birthday Sex rmx by Pretty Ricky

Birthday Sex rmx by Shonie

Birthday Sex rmx by Rock City (this one, you def want to hear)

Love/Hate Sex by Sammie

First Date Sex by Trey Songz



$hell$ said...

I must say I'm really diggin' the blogs posted so far. However, this blog has so many flaws and weak points towards the actions and standpoints of men tho. Women will absolutely not get away with just giving their men sex on their birthday. Although that would be much appreciated, we're just as materialistic on our birthday as you (females) are.

Also, WE KNOW women want something they can strut around them - that's a given. That's like an 11th commandment and the 6th sense.

Thirdly, men put it down in the boom boom room. Don't get it twisted, we have our off-days (Fellas, don't put on a show to try and subliminally impress lady viewers), but ultimately, we handle our business. Us men should just should try and spice it up, not just on VDAY or BDAY, but e'erday. Spice it up, eat her out sideways or something.

Just holding my piece down for the fellas (and/or ladies). Holla at me.

"I keep it a hunnit like a snitch that told 'who dun it?'"

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