Come Quick

There is a “disease” ailing a portion (I said portion) of the male community.

Actually, I’m pretty sure every guy has been or will be afflicted by it, at least once.

They don’t like to talk about it and they would rather not acknowledge its existence

But it’s a real mood killer, and if left alone it could even end a relationship…

So let’s talk about it… you should be able to guess it by now, if not, keep reading.

Okay so currently there is only one song to my knowledge that touches on this “ailment” and even though it sounds like an excuse, there is some truth in the lyrics…

I say am special like cream and crackers but don’t blame me if the crackers crumble too quickly…”

Come Quick-Tony Matterhorn

Nice metaphor right?

Obviously the issue is dudes that “come” a bit too early, either way before the girl is able to get hers or when she’s almost there, either way it’s a PROBLEM.

According to Matterhorn, it is actually a good thing because it means that the girls “kitty” is bomb& she should "be proud of her pussy instead of blaming his cock"…

Now I can actually accept this: you’re doing the damn thing, then dude busts prematurely, so he goes “damn girl, your pussy is the sh*t, it is just too damn good” and then he proceeds to finish what he started… either get it back up(as quick as you came) or get to munching J

But from what I’ve heard, it goes more like this: either he feels ashamed afterwards because he just lost a lil bit of his manhood or he doesn’t even care because he was just trying to get his anyway.

Whether you get the asshole or the sensitive guy, at most what you’ll get is

that’s never happened to me before

I mean really?

How I see it, either they’re lying and it has happened before or you’re the tightest they’ve ever had.

So say it then, let me know if I’ m the best you ever had or if you're just a quick “buster”,

It is fixable but you have to be able to talk about it first.

I know some girls can be rather mean about the subject but you have to understand that you just cost them a nut, and that’s really frustrating, especially if she was close.

The truth: you’re lucky if she doesn’t attack you.

So save us all the trouble & if it happens, pull out my “damn girl…” speech from above, let her get hers then you can talk about your "sickness" as you cuddle.

Like I said it’s fixable, GOOGLE it!!

-Always keep it safe.



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