What is it about you, that keeps me wanting more?

I think I love you, I need you, can’t live without you…


If you’ve ever felt like this, then aww how cute,

But if you’ve ever said it out loud then someone should’ve sent you to the wall,’ cause you needed a timeout.

It’s absolutely natural to feel like you need someone, people confuse what they desire for what they need all the time and they would realize this if they simply took the time to pause, and think about their true feelings.

I’m just going to take a wild guess and say, you told the person you loved them…

Then you told them you needed them…

Then you told them you couldn’t live without them most likely as they were dumping you.

You see, somewhere between love and need, one becomes addicted, obsessed, love crazy.

You become stupid, calling them often, being clingy, paranoid and showering them with love and kisses.

Meanwhile as you’re thinking how cute you are, the other person is thinking “I need to get away from this crazy ass person

And sooner than later, they’ll tell you they need space, it’ll break your heart, you might beg a little (don’t), it’ll feel like your world is ending but THEN you’ll wake up the next morning and realize that you are still alive. Your lungs still work, your heart’s still pumping and although it hurts, you will eventually be okay.

It is very easy to get caught up, when you are in a relationship.

You get sucked in and all of a sudden your whole world becomes about one person.

THIS IS NOT HEALTHY and sadly it happens to a lot of women (some men but mostly women).

I think it’s very obvious to notice when you are becoming slightly stalkerish, that’s when you need to give yourself a timeout.

Let them come to you, instead of throwing yourself at them and give each other room to breathe.

It is possible to love without turning into a crazy stalker and it’s possible to love without being dependent on the other persons love especially if you want it to last.

On the other hand if you’re working towards getting a restraining straining order put against you, then by all means satisfy your addiction & stalk away.

***This post was inspired by This Bitch is Crazy- Drake***

drake-rapper.jpg drake image by pride92

-“That’s the craziest part right, she’s just oblivious to the whole thing” –Drake

Stay sane.



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