Doin' IT

It's the first time together and I'm feeling kinda horny
Conventional methods of makin love kinda bore me...”

Now that’s what got me, that one line.
I mean conventional methods of a lot of things bore me, so right there, we got something in common L.L.

But this isn’t really about me or L.L, it’s about doin’ it…WELL
Because just about everyone seems to be doin “it”, but obviously not that well.

• There are about 1 million teenage pregnancies in America each year
19 million new STD infections occur each year, half of them among people age 15-24
• And many women (yes many) have never experienced an orgasm (????? Smh)

Now all three things depend on both partners or all three of you (or 8 for the nasties).
A lot of women leave it up to their partners to provide a condom, to get tested, and give them that big "O".
You have to be in charge of your own sexuality& that means birth control, condoms, getting tested with him and helping him find that spot if need be.

If your man ain’t hitting the G, then YOU find it and guide him. You can even make a game out of it; it’s like hide and seek 7.0

Honestly, there’s only so much we can blame on dudes, it takes two to do it, so step up, take some responsibility and control.

But remember, ditch the conventional stuff, on occasion anyway, that means no missionary and no bed, unless somebody’s tied to it...

Get crazy, go all out, blast some dancehall and see where it takes you…
Get creative, switch it up
If you are going to ”do it” THEN “do it” WELL, in every way possible.

Since a good lover seems to be hard to find, I would like to show some appreciation to those I know “do it” well, LYRICALLY anyway….

Tyrese-Straight f**kin
Ne-Yo-Say it
Jamie Foxx-Slow
Usher-Nice n Slow
Brandon Hines-Don’t stop now
Ginuwine- When we make love
Trey Songz-In the middle
Robin Thicke-I need love
Vybz Kartel-Rough sex (told u ‘bout that dancehall)

*this post was inspired by doin it- L.L Cool J ------ Keep it Safe(Plz)

& if he/she does something well, return the favor


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