Drake's UN-Successful Moves

This is not a hater talking. I've been a supporter since before any of my peers, and most of the rest of the world. I've been riding with Drake since that '06 Room for Improvement mixtape, and still riding even after he put out that weak video for Replacement Girl with Trey Songz. I've been trying to get others to see Drake's talent since before Lil' Wayne co-signed, and I am thrilled by the accomplishments he has had so far. On the other hand, I’ve been watching him make questionable career moves and failing to live up to the media hype (which isn’t necessarily his fault, hype is an abstract, unattainable level of accomplishment), attaching himself to things no wise business man would ever in good consciousness.

Questionable Move 1: Granted, he’s not the best performer, and it was bad enough that he had to be stagnant, leaning on a stool, due to a torn ACL. But singing “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world” with a group of teenage girls dancing around you at the BET Awards is just a senseless move. There’s no excuse besides being high off pain meds, which Lil’ Wayne probably was. Why else let your daughter prance around on stage with her friends while you talk about your dope dick and how you get in and on that pussy? I’m not judging the parenting skills, but come on. Drake definitely lost some points there with someone somewhere.

Questionable Move 2: Then after weeks of speculation Drizzy signs to Young Money, throwing me for a loop. Drake’s trying to be as independent as possible as an artist and I understand Lil’ Wayne’s been very supportive of his vision, but at some point you have to take the baby off the breast. This was the first move to let his name stand on its own and not always be coupled with the self proclaimed Louisianimal. In an MTV News interview Drake said, “I plan to work with Wayne for the rest of my career…” Pause. That’s going to get real old real quick. While Wayne’s skills are undeniable, he can be very hit or miss. Consistency is key, which I hope Drake can deliver musically. Point blank, you need to stand on your own two feet in this biz, and having affiliates is cool, but butt buddies (no pun intended, I just couldn’t think of a better word) for life, questionable.

Questionable Move 3: Then, the much anticipated Kanye West directed Best I Ever Had We never thought we’d get something so seemingly uncreative from the minds of Drake, or Kanye West of all people. However, I do offer this insight into the video that the homie Maurice Garland graced his blog with. video is released, and the women who felt so uplifted by his words it were left thoroughly disappointed by the visuals. It’s nothing but a bunch of limber, heavily endowed women running around in scandalously cut basketball uniforms.

“Here is my interpretation. Coach Drake likes pretty, big-breasted girls because they are pretty and big-breasted. He coaches them to do whatever he desires, not really caring about anything else but how they perform for him. Hence, they don't know how to do nothing but stretch and look pretty. So, when these pretty, big-breasted girls go out in the world to actually do something that requires skill, they fail and fail miserably.

Anticipated Reaction: Unpretty, small-breasted girls enjoy seeing pretty, big-breasted girls get beatdown by women who use their skill/brain/talent to defeat women who rely on only their looks. Thus strengthening Drake's influence over the ladies because "he cares" while at the same time giving dude a excuse/reason to have some bad-ass females prance around in his video.

"Message": Looking pretty will only get you "stretched" in life. Using your brain will stretch your life's span.”

I hope Maurice’s words were Kanye’s actual thoughts behind the video, and if so, all is forgiven, but I’m sure there will still be some women against the vulgarity Kanye’s imagination thought up. (I wonder if that Amber Rose is having an effect on him? She’s a bad b!#ch so I understand. LOL)

Questionable Move 4: Lastly, Drake decides to tell people to Rap-It-Up, but not in a consciousness public service announcement, but in a Stay Strapped commercial. Lil’ Wayne endorsed the same brand of condoms not too long ago. Another weak move. Just watch the commercial.

The world’s eyes are on your every move Drake, and I sincerely just want you to be the best. The best artist and business man you can be, but these last moves have been suspect. Am I just being overly analytical, or am I making some good points? Please let me know.



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