“Memories of you when you were mine…”

Back then…

Forever remains in my heart, warming my soul and lingering in my thoughts….

Because you can’t forget your first love, even when you want to.

But then again, why would you want to forget...

The ONE who taught you so much,

…about yourself…

…about your heart…

… about your ability to love…

Once upon a time, that ONE was your world,

The reason you smiled, even when they were not around,

The reason you cried, tears of joy, tears of pain…

The reason you loved.

Yes it ended, like all good things do, but you won’t forget.

You can’t forget.

The first one to capture your heart and take your breath away…

You may love a thousand more times but it’ll never be the same

Just like you can’t lose your virginity twice, there can only be one FIRST love

And I’d choose YOU again

Here are some tracks that have a way of taking me back…

My first love- Tynisha Kelli

My first love- Carl Thomas

First love- Adele

Before him, there was music, my first truelove.

A love that is truly unconditional and never ending.

**This post was inspired by My First Love- Avant **

" a tarnished ring on tarnished chain..."



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