Hidden Treasures: The Five One Band

The Five One is a Hip Hop band out of the DMV that delves into the realms of pop, rock and reggae. Each member in the quartet only identifies himself by a color; Red, Blue, Green or Gold, which is a part of their larger revalulion philosophy, which I snatched from their MySpace:

Philosophers declare that as you grow up, you form a false mental image of who you are, based on your personal and cultural conditioning. . . millions of people are walking the earth perceiving themselves in a way dictated by their influences and not their own imagination.The Five One . . .have shed their individual identities and taken on the broader identities of colors. . .By personifying Colors they are expressing themselves not only with the art they create but as art itself, which represents a lack of emphasis on individual identity, and an emphasis on creating music that strives to speak for everyone. This idea of self awareness through imagination is something that they have come to call, Revalulion.

It's an interesting and creative viewpoint that may go over people's heads at first, but that won't even matter after you hear their music. For the year of 2009, they have been releasing weekly remixes of popular songs called deuce burgers. Each week they prove their talent, showing their lyrical and story telling ability, as well as their knack for seamlessly fusing genres. This week's deuce burger was a remix of Will Smith's 1991 hit Summertime.

Here are my top 5 deuce burgers (says my IPod):


We go out we hanging like Hussein, Bush collect oil got money like Bruce Wayne, you feel good, your buying a new chain, Did you know that diamond was cover in kids' brains? For the same reason there isn't a World Trade, center of the earth...


You my Christmas tree somewhere to lay balls...Talkin bout you a lil bit in love, well I deleted your number to get rid of any lil bit of us...


At the end of the conversation, I say that I love without getting what i want, how I feel cause I'm caught in the struggle...I don't want to wait in vain for your love...


In the face of tyranny rebel if you can...


It's so wonderful being so colorful...Go
and read your articles bout who you need to follow to look the way you want and to accept you for your follow through, don't you kill the messenger remember what he said to you freedom is a part of me and wants to be a part of you...

You can check out the rest of the 5109: The Remix Album here. From here on out, I will be posting their deuces burgers, for my weekly fix of Five One.



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