Hidden Treasures: The Jaspects

The Jaspects is a band made up of six Morehouse graduates that fuses the musical genres of R&B, Hip Hop, and electronica along with jazz. It is made up of Jon-Christopher Sowells on bass, Henry C. Conerway, III on drums, Terrence Brown on keys, Jay Price on alto saxophone, Dwayne R. Dugger, Jr. on tenor saxophone, and James E. King on the trumpet and flugelhorn.

Their latest The Polked Dotted Stripe is the fourth album they have released, and has them working with Janelle Monae and even opening for Drake. Songs like Unifunk and Polka Dotted Stripe are perfect examples of the band’s mission to create a harmonious genre-blurring sound. They play instruments, they rap and they sing, sometimes with the help of Jay-Z’s new nemesis autotune, but the Jaspects do it so well. The album as a whole is a fluid piece of work, as the songs melt from one to the next with the exception of the rock influenced Chuck Jones, that may stand out for all the wrong reasons, but has a great message.

Good music is good music, so even if jazz isn’t your thing, you’re bound to find a song or two that you’ll enjoy, like the smooth R&B song Find My Way To Love, featuring Chantae Cann.

Look out for the Jaspects in a city near you; word is they put on a great show. Below is some video of the group at a Warner Music Group Listening session. I hope they got a deal offer out of it!


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