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Remember when eating va-jay-jay seemed to be the last thing any guy wanted to do or atleast admit to?

Well nowadays it seems to be the thing to do.

Now, I’m not complaining, I’m just curious about what suddenly brought about this new found appreciation for cunninglingus.

I mean seriously, I can’t seem to go a week without hearing a new song about some guy enjoying his face all up in someone’s cooter.

Did Weezy start a coochie-eating revolution when he dropped PUSSY MONSTER ? (another guilty pleasure btw)

Or is this generation of dudes just realllllly "IN" to pleasing their women (by any means ) ?

Well w.e the reason, keep it up J

And since I’m all about doing things well, just keep in mind…

· Owww” is usually a bad sign (not all pain is pleasure, trust)

· NO CHEWING, it’s not a kit kat (seriously, biting is not appreciated)

· If you don’t know what you’re doing, google some TIPS ( don’t wing it plz)

& here are some of my fave rug muncher jams:

Sticky Face- Trey Songz

Kitty Kat- Feleke

Get You Wet- Plies

**This post was inspired by Wetter than me- Grind Mode***

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Anonymous said...

it depends on the girl bum...some gurls like nibblin

lvsxmusic said...

lol this is tru, some girls do like nibblin but not everyone knows how to nibble and I did say no chewing, which def not the same as nibblin ;)

Anonymous said...

i dunno some girls like it rough like that so ima have to disagree

lvsxmusic said...

hmm so ur tellin me that there are girls out there (non porn stars) who like to get their "parts" chewed on and bitten??? I find that really hard to believe

Anonymous said...

not like chewing gum...but like it nibbled rough...n no its not that hard to believe everybody has thier own preferences n fetishes

lvsxmusic said...

this is quite tru. To each his own.

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