International Treasure: Tawiah

Hailing from the UK, the funky neo-soul songstress Tawiah blesses the London soul scene with her soultry voice and heart wrenching lyrics. The 21 year old works with famed producer Mark Ronson, and released her first EP in early 2008 entitled In Jodi's Bedroom. The title refers to where the EP was made, in British producer Jodi Milliner's bedroom, who also co-wrote the six poignant tracks.

I always give props where they're do, and SoulUK put me on to her earlier this year. Since the first time I heard In Jodi's Bedroom I've had this timeless piece of work on repeat. The EP opens with a guitar intro as she begins with Watch Out, a hit single across the pond, about the undying theme of naively falling in love with a friend. "Before you could even say Watch Out! I'd fallen...we're just friends yea, but then again..."

I'm a big fan of 80s music, so I loved the next track Another One, where she sings over a synthesizer laced beat about a "no good" boyfriend. Boy From The Endz is a fun track about feeling a boy from around the way. I chuckled at the background vocals that enhance the story, from seeing him("Oh, my God, witness the fitness"), to having your friends taunt you ("He likes you, he likes you") and talking away your nerves as she tells herself to "just be normal".

Every Step is a heavenly track, as she swoons "you move me" with the help of background vocalists, I can't help but be touched. A short acapella interlude and a tale of getting over a Broken Heart close out the EP.

I adore her style, and I can't wait to hear more music from this quirky, talented spirit. Enjoy some live performance videos of the powerhouse that is Tawiah.



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