John Forté

Last week I saw John Forte perform at Hot 97s Who’s Next series @ SOBS in downtown NYC. Forte, a Brookly MC from the early 90s who worked with Wyclef Fugees, was locked up on drug charges in 2000. Forte was released in December 2008 after being pardoned by Bush (who’d a thunk it). Now he’s back, making new music and touring.

This was his first show in NYC since he was released. I’m not really familiar with his previous work, he has two albums under his belt, Poly Sci and I, John, but it seems like he’s going in a different direction artistically. As he says in the first clip, “I'm not asking anybody to throw their hands up in the air...bust shots, I just want you to listen.” I was definitely listening, and enjoyed his set; I must admit, I love the brother's voice! Be on the lookout for his new EP Stle Free due this summer.

Check him out @ http://www.johnforte.com/



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