Okay so I heard this song a few weeks ago and I have to admit that I am still quite confused. So I’m hoping one of you will be able to school me on exactly what is going on in the song:

Beat that pussy –Maino

I dumped dick on a chick and I beat that pussy down

So that’s how the song starts, it’s also the chorus and it’s kind of unclear.

First, how exactly do you dump dick on someone?

Is your dick really heavy or are you like dropping it on her head or something?

And I’ve heard of beating the pussy up…

But Maino is beating it down,

Which really sounds kind of oppressive…

Like he’s taken the pussy prisoner…

And then I think rape.

Or, really mean abusive sex

& that makes my tummy hurt.

So now what I’m seeing in my head (You’ll soon learn my imagination is wild)

Is dude standing over a chick (seated)

Dropping his massive dick on her head (probably slaps her face with it)

Then proceeding to dominate her va-jay-jay with said massive penis.


If I lost some of you it’s okay, it’s hard for me to follow my own mind sometimes but anyway, this is a perfect example of how lyrics matter. I’ve heard a lot of music this past week from all types of artists, signed & unsigned and the majority of the songs I’ve heard (mainly the rap songs)are about NOTHING. People seem to be forgetting that being a rapper or singer requires being able to produce good lyrics. They see artists like Soulja Boy thriving off of good beats and crappy lyrics and think that that’s the way to go. Please rethink this, because most likely you won’t survive. This also goes to the fans, stop praising artists that have nothing else to talk about besides, hoes, cars and money…we are better than this. It’s as if people don’t really listen to lyrics anymore…

And yes we all have our guilty pleasures but some artists are getting away with full albums of them saying absolutely nothing… Use your music to say something of substance; it’s more powerful than you think, I mean someone could end up thinking your song is about rape and no one wants that. Choose your words wisely.

Let me know what you think.



PATRICK said...

Thanks alot guys Really appriciate it! I like the way your blogs in different sections and stuff like a full webstie good work!!



lvsxmusic said...

Thank you for reading :0)

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