Here's the new video for Lily Allen's fourth single off her latest album
"It's Not Me, It's You", 22:
What I love about her is:
1) She's brutally honest &
2) she's very insightful...

What I love about the video is that it perfectly depicts some of the issues that women face today. Although these issues have a lot to do with their own self love and the life decisions they've made, there is also a lot of societal influences.
" It's sad but it's true how society says that her life is already over..."
I'm not even 22 yet but no one influences how I live my life and I sure as hell am not waiting for some man to save me whether I'm 22 or 30 but sadly a lot of women are.
Independence has become very sexy to men and you're definitely not going to find a good one by putting on your freakum dress and your f**k me pumps and spending wayy too much time in clubs and bars.
Honestly, get a life and do something with it
because there's always the chance that
It's YOU
not them.

Let me know what you think.


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