No it wasn’t a typo; Nodeci is the new so-called R&B group that has everyone talking mainly due to the fact that they weren’t creative enough to come up with their own identity. Obviously borrowing Jodeci’s name (switching the J for an N) and their logo, people are still unclear whether NODECI is just a spoof or if this group is for real. There are no pictures of the members up anywhere as of yet but you do get a glance at them in this video:

Besides Teyana Taylor, the group is also being endorsed by Fantasia :

& producer Brian- Michael Cox:

I believe this is a very smart marketing technique being used by the group, stealing (I mean borrowing) from R&B legends and keeping their identities hidden; they’re like the secret that everybody wants to know. Currently, two singles have been dropped and I must say that I am definitely a fan.

The first single is a cover of Jodeci’s Feenin' called I Got this

Chorus: “She won’t leave me alone, since she met my penis…”

The second single is entitled Sex you down…obviously theres a trend going on here with their songs and I like it.

*** Pay attention to the lyrics “still wanna eat it like soulfood, titties looking like grapefruits...” lol

Their vocals are good & they are lyrical nypmphos, what more can one ask for from an R&B group?

Keep a look out for the album ;)



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