RATED: (C)reative

…Paying homage to artists brave enough to think outside the box, circle & rhombus…

Those who use their imagination to help stimulate ours…

Those who create videos to personify their music and not their wallets.

So, if you desire big booty ho-fessionals in Lamborghinis sipping Ciroc,

Do yourself a favor and DON’T PRESS PLAY.

& for the rest of you enjoy some of this summers music vids that are actually worth watching

The Friends Zone- 88-Keys (ft ShitakeMonkey)

A perfect depiction of how much it sucks when she thinks of you as just a friend.


Warning: This beat will get stuck in your head...

it's very different but i can't help feeling that the child is goign to be scarred for life

So Damn Down- Tanya Morgan

Surprisingly entertaining, simple but different.

A Volta- N.A.S.A (ft Sizzla, Amanda Blank, &LoveFoxx)

I love the fact that this is a movie, someone clearly put a lot of thought into this one.

Smile- The Alchemist(ft Twista & Maxwell)

Deep video for a deep song.

Hold the Line- Major Lazer (ft Santigold & Mr.Lexx)

Just absolutely looooove this song & video!!!

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