Rene's Heavy Rotation List

Here are my top ten songs of the moment:

Corneille - Sweet Dependency
I just started playing his 2007 album The Birth of Cornelius, and this song stuck out to me. I'm not afraid you should know this about me...

Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love (Club Mix)
I had my IPod on shuffle and BONG, this song came on. I've played it a billion more times since.This is my shit!

Little Dragon Fortune
I've been waiting to hear new Little Dragon material, and this is a rumored track from their second album, Berlin Master, to be released late August.

M64- Rhythm of the Drum
I was just introduced to the duo made up of producer/emcee Ohmega Watts and vocalist Ragen Fykes via Soulbounce. I like the subtle nod to Sister Nancy's Bam Bam.
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
This is a crazy dance record from DJs Diplo & Switch, who perform under the psuedonym Major Lazer, a kind of electronic reggae/dancehall. This is a crazy dance record from their first album Guns Don't Kill People, Lasers Do.

Maxwell - Bad Habits
Maxwell's back. Nuff said. I want you to prove it to me in the nude, addicted to the way you move...

Michael Jackson - Butterflies
One of my favorite MJ records, he sounds so heavenly. RIP I wish that I could be with you tonight, you give me butterflies...

Mos Def - Roses (ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
One of my favorite cuts off his latest, The Ecstatic.

The Noisettes - Never Forget You
This voice of the lead singer of this UK rock/pop group is pretty ill. I love this record. I'll never forget you, they said we'd never make it, my sweet joy, always rememebr me...

Wale - Pretty Girl
Ya'll know I love this Go Go shit. HAHA Wale is DOPE PERIOD.



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