Return of the TRASH

Just when I was starting to believe that music videos were taking a turn for the better (ditching the hoefessionals (excuse my language) and overall lack of substance) I ran into these two...

Face- Rick Ross ft Trina

Really? You call this a music video? But I guess it's perfect for this substance lacking song. Also, I understand that Trina is Trina and she will forever be...just that...but I don't think this was the track for her to jump on if she's trying to get back in the game. Yes I'm used to her saying nasty things, but it's usually packaged better. And I'ma need Rick Ross to stop frontin like he's sexy, put your shirt on, seriously. I'm just really not feeling the clothing deficiency in this video... & honestly ya'll could do better

F*ck Yeaah- Snoop Dogg

So you have to verify your age before you can see this...smh... I love Snoop but I am not a fan of this nastiness. This is actually a decent song but this video just completely ruined it for me. Is there a rule somewhere that says a song about sex has to be represented by nudity? And isn't the whole point of uncut vidoes to give artists with wack songs a chance so that their song actually gets some play? Am I sensing some insecurity Snoop? Are you trying to use T&A to make up for what your song lacks?

I just really wish that people would stop making videos like these. Even if you have age verification, what' s to stop curious little kids from just putting in a fake birthday, like I just did? NOTHING. Then you have young boys getting a bad perception of women that might lead them to lose respect for women in the future and young girls thinking it's okay to shake their goodies in some video for a little bit of cash. We will never improve as a community if people don't fully think about the consequnces of their actions. I mean look at the dude who was dumb enough to bring an unregistered gun to a nightclub and then shoot himself in the leg (the same leg which he had already incurred a hamstring injury in). Really Burres? You coulda had a V8.

*I will be removing the Snoop Video at midnight, I don't want to help spread the trash.

Keep it clean.


c.blak said...

Man...I miss when videos had budgets and actually made songs better..

but those days are long gone.

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