Semen Revealed

It’s amazing what guys come up with to try to convince females to give them oral, swallow their cum or to allow them to bust on their faces.

Well I know there are females with questions about semen and its magical powers, so I did some research and here’s the truth, once and for all.

Is their protein in cum?

- Yes there is. Proteins are a major component of the seminal fluid found in cum.

Is cum good for you?”

- Sadly it is. Sperm (spermatozoa) only makes up about 10% of cum; the other 90% is “seminal fluid” which contains: sugars, minerals (zinc, calcium, potassium…), Vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B12…), hormones, body by- products, PROTEINS & amino acids and other substances.

Is cum fattening?

- Nope. Cum doesn’t contain a lot of fat or calories. It’s about 5 calories per one teaspoon of cum.

One site even referred to cum as a “high protein, low-carb SNACK” (lmao…that killed me)

Does cum cure acne?

- As my good friend S. Mirda P. would say: “No silly bitch, it does not.”

And if you’ve tried:

shame on you.

Is it possible to improve the taste of cum?

Yes. The taste of a man’s semen is dependent on his diet. So if you’re dating a smoker (of anything), or alcohol drinker then enjoy that foul-tasting mess but if you’re dating a vegetarian then you’re man’s cum is probably like a tropical fruit smoothie (lol). Basically if you want to taste better, eat better; more fruits and veggies & less red meat, fish, and dairy. This goes for females as well.

So there you go, all the secrets of semen have been revealed & don’t let any man tell you differently. Now what you do with the information…is none of my business.

Isn’t learning fun?

To learn more about cum, swallowing tips (lol) and more (trust me there’s more), check out dontspitswallow.com.

I don't really have any songs about semen (shocking right) but these are just as good:

Get on your knees-50 cent

"Baby if you get on your knees..."

Suck it or Not- Cam'Ron

"Now stand back and catch my amazing graces..."


It might taste better but you better make sure you're not licking a herpes pop.

Make sure that both you and your partner get tested.

There's nothing sexy about STD's or STI's



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