If it’s not evident by now, let it be known that I am a big fan of sexy.

I love the word, the feeling, just everything sexy.

The reason? Long story.

But this story is about how sexiness is under attack.

And I am worried.

It seems that people have forgotten what it means to be sexy, either that or they’re just really confused.

For some reason little girls these days think it’s cute to take naked pics of themselves and either post them on the net or send them to a bunch of dudes. Sorry sweetheart, that’s not sexy, it’s slutty. & quite stupid (those pics will pop up when you least want them to)

Remember this? Vanessa Hudgens of Disney's High School Musical

Another growing trend is documenting girl on girl action… Yes it’s possible that these girls are doing things to each other because they enjoy it but if this were the case, why take pictures and post them up or distribute them? It’s no secret that a good amount of guys find girl on girl to be very sexy, which is usually why these girls do it but do you honestly want a guy that gets off on seeing you with someone else? Maybe it’s just me, but I would prefer him being turned on by only me.

DrunkGirlsKissing-1.jpg image by bakedspam

The truth is when guys see these kind of images they’re either thinking “she’s sexy, I’d hit that (sexy as in slutty) or “ eh. What a smut”… either way you’ve landed yourself in Tramp-Ville and trust me, whether you’re in high school, college or you’re grown (SMH), once you’re in Tramp-Ville, it’s almost impossible to ditch that reputation. I honestly don’t care what you do with your body, or where you choose to put your tongue... when it’s private it’s your sexy little secret between you and the participating party, but once it’s global, you’ve put yourself in a very bad situation. I know guys who’ve shared pics of their girlfriends (which were only meant for their eyes) with their buddies just to brag. Once you give something like that away, there’s no telling who is going to see it. And yes you might enjoy the attention, but honestly is that the kind of attention that you want or feel that you deserve?

Sex appeal is more than a physical thing, it’s also about confidence and inner beauty. If you are confident in what you have then you don’t have to give it all away to feel sexy. If a guy is really into you, then he’ll want you when you’re in your business suit, your Vicki Secrets and when you’re lounging in a T-shirt. Different men have different definitions of sexy, and how you portray yourself will attract different men. So I guess it all comes down to whose attention you’re trying to grab.

The scary part is that there are grown men hwo enjoy seeing young girls naked...do you want them looking at you?

I know alot of this has to do with societal influences, low self esteem and the images shown in the media, but when your mother or your child finds a racy picture of you on the net, are you really goign to be okay with your reasoing being " I'm sorry, I'm easily inlfuenced" or a "flimsy ass person" as S. would put it?

But then again, if it's your job (as a model) to exaggerate the sexy, then by all means,work it.

Angel Lola LuV & Adriana Lima

Sexy tune on repeat: Devotion-Electrik Red



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