Soulja Boy PSA

Growing up, no matter what school I was in, there was always the “smelly kid” who everyone believed didn’t take showers.

Why they didn't shower? Who knows?

But the point is that I can name all of the stinkies from my past & I'm willing to bet that you can too.

For some reason no one has a problem remembering the smelly chick or the dude with the bad breath.

So basically don’t let that be you.

There is nothing attractive about a fishy chick or a dusty dude and the sad part is it’s usually due to laziness…

Yeah, I wore that shirt two days ago but it’s still clean…”

I don’t need to shower, I’ll just put on deodorant …”

Brush my teeth? I can just use the mouth wash…”

And the list goes on.

If you’ve ever used one of these lines, then I feel the need to let you know that you’re nasty (& not the good nasty either)

A wise Soulja Boy once said: “Girl you stank, take a bath..."

and honestly that’s all there is to it.

If you smell, take a bath.

Breath a little funky? Brush your teeth (twice a day) then use the mouthwash.

Trust me, it’s better to take care of it before someone else feels the need to tell you about yourself and then the next thing you know they’re writing a song your smelly behind. SMH.

This PSA was inspired by Girl you stank-Soulja Boy…it's not the greatest song in the world but it’s one of the wisest things he’s ever said & it’s my guilty pleasure just because it makes sense.

Smelly-ness is a repellant, so if you're aiming for loneliness, then by all means, don't take a bath.



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