...Boys, men, dudes, sons, lads, those with dicks between their legs, & those who don’t but think like they do

LVSXMUSIC is looking for the male point of view on topics we’ve already discussed & those we have yet to discuss.

I try to remain unbiased but I have learned that the female in me is more opinionated that I thought, so this is your chance to let everyone know how YOU feel.

So, type up a little note, paragraph, verse, song, limerick, joke, story, testimonial, essay, list... whatever. However you want to represent your thoughts is okay with me.

TOPICS: LOVE or SEX (what’s your pleasure?)--- pick one

Author: YOU---write it

Where: lvsxmusic@gmail.com --- send it

If it’s good (not offensive, good spelling and such) we’ll post it up…

Of course we’ll notify you first.

So don’t be shy…I know there’s something on your mind…it can be our lvsx-secret.



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