LOOKOUT!: Top 10 Upcoming Albums

The year '09 is speedily approaching its end as we descend upon 2010. Here are my most anticipated albums for the end of this year. Many of these albums have missed the deadline for the 2010 Grammy nominations, but will be at the top of the nominations in 2011.There's one huge release noticeably missing from my list, the reason being, it's a given, that album doesn't need any more promo.

10. Little Dragon [[Machine Dreams]]

Swedish soul electronic group Little Dragon is back with their sophomore album. Their self-titled debut was phenomenal, I'm interested to see what new heights the experimental group takes their sound.

9. Colin Munroe [[Don't Think Less of Me]]

Since his mixtape Colin Munroe Is The Unsung Hero, I've been waiting to hear his debut studio album. Colin just makes good music, he hasn't steered me wrong yet; I would hate to have to think any less of him after these release.



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