I keep hearing about how passion always dies in relationships/marriages & I must say it is quite depressing.

I know there are some exceptions to the rule but why do the majority of relationships become a part of this awful statistic?

What causes the fire to burn out?

Now I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve come up with a few suggestions to help save you and yours from a dried up, intimate- less, relationship….

1. Be yourself… from the very beginning.

It seems that when people first meet they do a little more (or wayyy more) than they usually would. Some might say they enjoy things they actually don’t, some might do things that they feel are necessary to keep their new found boos interested. But like all lies, the truth will eventually come out … so keep it real from the get go. If you don’t feel like writing poems, buying roses or brushing your teeth then don’t fake it.

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