Video: The Roots

After releasing a teaser clip, here's the full length video from the Philly band's first single to their album of the same title, due October 20th.

This song reminds me of the tragedy that happened out in the streets of Chicago this week. We need to change our mindset, because it's not getting us anywhere. The blood of many of our best and brightest lay on our own hands. Marinate on it.

RIP Derrion Albert

Out on the streets
Where I grew up
First thing they teach us
Not to give a fuck
That type of thinking can’t get you nowhere
Someone has to care

- S.

Video: XV & Consequence

Kansas rapper X to the V shot the official video for single Fall Out The Sky off his mixtape Everybody's Nobody.

Sexy girls clad in futuristic bathing suits, donning long ponytails rivaling that of B. Scott and fuck me pumps can get whatever they want from Consequence, Kanye, and John Legend in the official music video for the collaboration.


The Catch Up

R&B trio Boyz II Men is making a comeback recording covers for their 9th studio album entitled Love, the first single covers Journey's "Open Arms".

  • Boyz II Men Wants Us To Welcome Them Back With "Open Arms"[SoulBounce]


OOch Ouch

It is no secret that guys hate "ooch ouch" girls

You know, the ones that go "ooch, ouch, oww, owwie" when a penis tries to enter their vagina

This is usually an indication that:

  1. 1.Dude's penis is too big for her to handle
  2. 2.It's been a while since she's been "entered
  3. 3.Maybe she's never been entered
  4. 4.This is rape

Number 4's quite easy, no means no

If you're forcing yourself on someone who doesn't want you,



Video: Tawiah

LVSXM favorite, up and coming UK neo-soul singer Tawiah is back with new material, more than a year after the release of her well received EP, In Jodi's Bedroom. Continue to watch her perform two great songs, Faces and Run. I can't wait to hear the mastered versions of these gems!


Kinky Tuesdays: Kinky Massage

There’s nothing like a good massage after a long day

But since it is Tuesday, let’s kink it up a notch.

This kinky massage begins with a long shower for all participants.

Feel free to heat up the shower by taking it together, allowing each other to bathe one another,

Rubbing and scrubbing every nook and cranny (Try your hardest not to bang that comes later)



GO DJ, That's My DJ!: DJ AM

RIP Adam Goldstein (March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009)

It's been a month to the day Philadelphia native DJ AM passed away in his New York City apartment, allegedly of a drug overdose. In commemoration of him, and as a great intro to a new series I'm presenting on the blog "Go DJ, That's My DJ!" where I'll feature great turntable titans and their projects, continue to learn more about AM and download his mixtape series with Travis Barker of Blink-182, Fix Your Face.


Q&A: Hollywood Holt

I'm a HUGE fan of Chi-town rapper Hollywood Holt. He chopped it up with Gowhere Hip Hop about his plans for the rest of the year, and his style. He's quite the character, with a live personality and killer energy that undoubtedly illuminates a room.

If you're unfamiliar, click on his name to check out his MySpace, and continue to watch the video for his single Hollywood and download his mixtape Holt Goes To Hollywood.


I <3 Theme Songs: Part Deux

The Jamie Foxx Show

I'm back with Part Deux of my favorite television theme songs. You'll be surprised by a few of the openers I have after the jump, or maybe you won't. What theme songs draw you in like a moth to a flame, and make you sing incessantly?

You can check out the first I <3 Theme Songs in case you missed it!


Dominate me Cap’n

Embedded in all relationships is the sometimes unspoken struggle for control.

Some men believe that they run things and the majority of women are aware that they in fact run things.

This battle occurs on almost all the realms of a relationship but when it comes to sex, you find that members of both genders are more than willing to give up the control.

It seems the majority of us fantasize about being dominated, so much so that many people pay

money for a professional dominatrix.

For these people, it’s more of a fetish but for the rest of us it’s simply a turn-on.



Before I Was Born: My Cherie Amour

This is one of my favorite Stevie songs, if not my favorite. Recorded in 1966, but not released until 1969, this song was a Billboard hit, and is now undoubtedly a classic.



Video: The Noisettes

I'm in the midst of writing an International Treasure post on this group out of the UK.Nevertheless, The Noisettes performed Never Forget You on Letterman recently as part of promo for their album, Wild Young Hearts which was released this past Tuesday in the States. Lead singer Shingai's voice is enchanting.

Did anyone peep DC soul songstress Muhsinah singing back up?



Hidden Treasure: Melanie Fiona

It's come to attention that many people are still unaware of Guyanese-Canadian singer Melanie Fiona who came onto the scene this summer with the sultry lead single Give It To Me Right. Melanie's varied influences has created a unique sound that dabbles in pop, soul, R&B, and reggae. The release date for her debut, The Bridge, has been pushed back a few times, but it's currently slated for November 3rd.

This summer she released a mixtape with ?uestlove of The Roots of live remixes to her tracks on The Bridge. Listen and download it after the jump, as well as check out the song bird's videos. She recently debuted the video for her second single, It Kills Me on 106 & Park.


Singles: Joss Stone, Vikter Duplaix

Free Me is the lead single off Joss Stone's fourth studio album, Colour Me Free. Guest spots on the album include Raphael Saadiq, Nas and Shiela E. (!!!) among others. I'm a huge fan of the British soul singer, so I'm looking forward to this project due October 20th.

Download FREE ME |**Alternative Link**

I came across Vikter Duplaix via Twitter (Follow us: twitter.com/LVSXMusic), and I've fallen in love with his music ever since. He has a new single, which you can download for free off his website entitled Electric Love.



ATTN males and aspiring artists

We are still looking for men who would like to voice their opinions on Love & Sex.

This can be about relationships, sex tips, something women do that bother you, something that

men do that bother you...w.e's on your mind.

Although I try to remain unbiased it doesn't always happen so


write up what's on your mind, email it to


And we'll post it as part of our "HIS view" series

Also for all aspiring musicians,
LVSXMUSIC would like to give you a chance at 15 mins of fame
with a video or a track(s)
and we'll give you a chance to show what you're made of.

Don't be Shy.

Express yourself
& let your voice be heard



Q&A: Murs, Nicki Minaj, Brandon Hines

When I first started the blog I intended on doing a week dedicated to female MCs. When I quickly realized I'd need more than a week to sift through the many issues facing female rappers in this industry, I decided to dedicate a whole month to it,I'm thinking March, but the issue is looking pressing, I may do it sooner. Murs talks about the state of females in hip hop in the interview above. Does he have a point? [Peeped at SoulBounce]


Video: Mr. Hudson

Mr. Hudson shows us is dark side, figuratively and literally, in the video for his latest single off his US debut Straight No Chaser due October 6th. He tells the object of his affection White Lies to keep her near. O. never lied, Boys Lie, Throw Rocks At Them!

Sometimes good men do bad things
Just as bad men can do good
Tell me which way you like it


Boys lie…throw rocks at them

I didn't come up with it, I'm just reiterating…

But it's true, boys do lie…and so do girls.

We all stress the importance of honesty in a relationship (it's even in the bible),

But then so many relationships end due to lies:

He lies about what he's doing,

She lies about who she's with,

He lies about how he feels,

She lies about how he makes her feel

And it goes on and on.

The worst part is when people lie about silly things,



Video: Amerie, Drake, Chrisette Michele, The Roots, The Jaspects

Amerie's second single from her album In Love & War, releasing November 3rd is Heard Em All.

The Rainbow Coalition released the video for Forever, off the soundtrack to More Than A Game, a biopic based on Lebron James' youth basketball team.


Before I Was Born: Please Mr. Postman

Motown's first successful girl group, The Marvelettes came onto the scene with this #1 record in the 1960s. You may recognize the song in Juelz Santana's Oh Yes or the opener to Sister Act 2, where Whoopi Goldberg sings a snippet of the song. Check out the group performing their hit after the jump, and the song's that have sampled it.


DOTW: Quadron

This Danish duo has been making their rounds on the blog scene, creating a buzz with the soulful, and may I say delightful sounds of lead singer Coco and producer/musician Robin Hannibal. Stress just washes away as you listen to their self titled debut album Quadron , heavy in elements of jazz and electro-soul. Take an hour out of your undoubtedly tension filled day to unwind and listen to some great music out the sphere of the US scene after the jump.


New Tracks

Here are some new releases/leaks that might tickle your fancy:

Feel Good

It’s only been about 3 weeks since school started and already people are DONE. With jobs, classes, organizations, homework and all these obligations hanging over our heads, it seems that people have no time to relax and simply enjoy life.

Just about everyone I know is stressed, sleep deprived and physically and emotionally drained, so I came up with a simple guide to make everyone feel better and to keep you all focused and energized and it goes a little something like this:

Tickle it, Work it, Please it, Feed it…

Yes it’s actually that simple.



Kinky Tuesdays: What Women do

So it’s no secret that a lot of women masturbate.

Another non-secret is, it’s usually with some kind of “toy”.

Now, of course I’ve heard of dildos and the such, but some of these toys are simply strange, kinky, but definitely STRANGE.

SO I dedicate this kinky Tuesday to the strange yet kinky things that some women are willing to put in their cooter.

"Teddy Bear Vibe"



A night in the desert

So we all know that sometimes men can’t get it up but a more un-discussed topic is female dryness

Yes sometimes women can’t get it up (so to speak).

Normally when women get aroused, the water fall arrives but for some women this is not the case.

The most obvious reason is that she really is not aroused,

She might want to be, but it’s not really there

Maybe the last time she had sex with her partner wasn’t that pleasant,

Maybe she’s lost interest



Video: Whitney Houston

A feel good video for a feel good song, Ms. Houston is back ya'll regardless of whether her voice is 100% or not (we know what happened to it), she's still killing most of these little R&B chicks.

If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill, say it!


Singles: Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Amerie, & 50 Cent

Ms. Jackson is getting back into the groove of things after the tragic loss of her brother Michael. She's back in the studio recording an album due for a 2010 release and reportedly getting ready to shoot scenes for the Tyler Perry movie "Why Did I Get Married Too", a sequel to the 2007 movie of the same title, minus the too of course. She debuted the fun dance jam Make Me after paying tribute to Michael at the VMAs. Check out the performance below. See if you catch her subtle shout out to Michael in the song.

Download Make Me | Alternative Link


Video: Ester Dean

So this mysterious singer/songwriter Ester Dean has finally revealed what she looks like in her debut video for her song Drop It Low off of the More Than A Game soundtrack. It's a funk, young video with lots of color and dancing. Check it out!



Kinky Tuesdays: Kinky Declarations

So it’s Tuesday and I’m willing to bet that a good amount of you got some this weekend.

Of course, some of you might not remember because you were foolishly drunk out of your mind (bad move) and some of you might not want to remember because it just wasn’t all that memorable…

What a shame…

If you had mind-blowing sex this weekend then I applaud you, keep it up,

But for all the rest of you,

I dedicate this kinky Tuesday to having bomb-ass sex in your future (all kinkiness implied).

How do you guarantee this?...(Continue)...


I Miss You, Tupac

RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)

Tupac's been gone 13 years now, but no rapper's words have been as timeless and meaningful as those from the living metaphor of a rose that grew from concrete. His songs showed us not only the many facets of his personality, but the various sides of the human condition, and shed light on the lives of the impoverished and less fortunate. After the jump are some of my favorite songs from Pac; and for those of you who still believe he's alive, you're not alone, Dave Chappelle thinks so too.



Video: Kid Cudi

Cudi's on the promo trail for MOTM:TEOD right now. He performed his third single Pursuit of Happiness backed by duo Ratatat on Late Night with Letterman yesterday. I fall in love with this song more and more every time I hear it, and it's great live.



Crystal Ball: 2009 MTV VMAs

For every music award show I'm going to try and guess the winners for each category. I'll probably be way off the charts but that's irrelevant, this is for sheer fun. None of these awards shows hold any weight outside of the Grammy's, and maybe the American Music Awards anyway.

I'm actually intersted in watching the VMAs this year for two reasons: UCB will be the house band (GO DMV!) and Janet will be performing what will become a monumental moment in MTV (and television) history, a tribute to her late brother Michael Jackson. Check out my winners and the raining gloves promo after the jump.



Video: Ms. Keri Baby

I've been waiting for Keri to put this out as a single for the longest, it may just be may favorite song off her album, In A Perfect World that dropped earlier this year. The dance scene at the end looks like an homage to Aaliyah, it reminds me of the ending for More Than A Woman, or maybe I'm reaching, either way: Enjoy the video!



Review: Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

In a world where labels and artists are trying to cater to the masses and are shelling out carbon copies of what we, the audience, make popular, there's this Kid named Cudi who's taking us to the moon, giving us an introspective look on his life through song and hoping we embrace the martian. I have, and if you're in tune with your inner outsider, you will too.



Before I Was Born: I Keep Forgettin'

Singer Michael McDonald's 1982 hit I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near) is one of my favorite songs of all time. Check it out below, and listen to two hip hop songs that sample the soul classic.



Hidden Treasure: Jade

New York based singer Jade made waves this spring when her EP It's My Heart, Cookie hit the internet. Yes, she's Puerto Rican, but she's no average Jenny from the block, and I mean that in the best way possible. She's a whimsical songwriter, with a soulful voice and eclectic sound.

Formerly a "bench warmer" at Pharrell's Star Trak label, she's now the first lady of Mickey Factz's GFC NY. Download her EP below, and let this song bird's romantic tales and sweet voice enchant you.



Nobody’s perfect.


So, why are some women so shocked when they discover a short-dick man?

Especially if he’s black.

It’s no secret that there are stereotypes when it comes to the male baby maker…

Some people automatically assume a man’s dick size just by their ethnicity and if you didn’t know by now, those stereotypes don’t always hold up.




I spotted this over at ConcreteLoop, because you know Angel gets paid to promote the hell out of Diddy and his side projects (Get that money girl!). This is the first video for his group Dirty Money, which includes himself, Dawn (formerly of Danity Kane), and songwriter Kalenna. This video didn't land in the foolishness category because of the visuals, Hype Williams did an amazing job as usual on this black and white clip.The problem is Diddy's singing, and how he still uses Biggie (RIP) as a crutch to catch listeners so many years after his passing. I pose these questions:

Who was the yes man in the studio that night?
When will Diddy realize his talents DO NOT lie in singing/rapping?

I encourage everyone to watch this video on mute, it will be less painful and more enjoyable.



Video: Lil' Shun

The late Michael Jackson lives on, especially in this young man, named Lil' Shun. This little guy sounds so much like a young Michael, it's eerie. If you closed your eyes, I bet there's people who wouldn't be able to tell the difference. He did some studio sessions for Grand Hustle, where he sang the Jackson 5 hits I Want You Back and I'll Be There. Watch and be amazed!

I know Joe Jackson is somewhere kicking himself for not discovering him first, but I digress.

Rest In Peace MJ



Kinky Tuesdays: Kink Tricks

This Tuesday, why not add to your book of tricks?I’m not talking about your little black book but rather your collection of sexy tricks that you use during your sexy time...

Pearl Necklace rubdownand up

I was very disgusted when I first heard of the oh-so degrading and just plain nasty “pearl necklace” but there’s a new sex trick that uses an actual pearl necklaceand ladies, these pearls are not for your neck. With the aid of a lot of lube, wrap a pearl necklace around the shaft of your man’s penis and use them to stroke him (Continue)...


Q&A: Kid Cudi, Eric Roberson, Donnis & 88-Keys

It's definitely Cudder's time to shine as his debut comes out next week Tuesday, September 15th. May I say, I love Soul Culture's interviews, they always ask interesting questions, and have a depth other interviews just lack.


DOTW: Man On The Moon

Kid Cudi's debut has finally leaked! The album is due officially on September 15th, 2009.



Where do you think this group of individuals are from? Somewhere down south right, maybe across the way from Soulja Boy? WRONG, try Cincinnati, Ohio. Apparently, this dance craze foolishness is a plague and it's spreading.




‘Nuff said.

I used to think that the world was just too cynical and that we all needed to trust more…

Well life experiences have now taught me that the only person you should trust is yourself.

Boy/girlfriends, friends, and even family can stab you in the back and most of them probably will.

Trust me, it happens.

They say a relationship won’t survive without trust,

I say you won’t survive, if you don’t trust yourself.



Video: J*Davey

From The Beauty In Distortion/Land of the Lost, one of my favorite duos J*Davey released this video for End of Your World (Mama's Back). Support Jack & Brook in this MTV competition and vote to help them raise their star status.

You can also follow them on Twitter!



Video: Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie's self titled debut was definitely one of the more underrated LPs of 2009. Nonetheless he's moving onto his sophomore effort, Transition, which according to him is due this fall, October to be more specific. He released the video for the first single You're Not My Girl yesterday. Watch the video & download the song (as well as his first album if you slept on it!) after the jump. Also check out R. Les chop it up in an interview, where he talks about the new album.


Bust…Can’t get it up

OOOooh, ahhh you (the guy) bust.

Maybe you finished before your girl could or maybe she just wants to go again…

Just one problem though, you can’t get it back up.

A lot of guys stress this issue, probably because females aren’t so understanding about it.

I understand that when you want it, you want it and it’s a major blow if a guy can’t get it up…

Some women wonder if it has something to do with them…

But the truth is it’s not your fault or his for that matter…



Deuce Burgers: Are No More

It looks like The Five One are turning their backs on the weekly deuce burgers in favor of creating original tracks for an upcoming EP. This is what they had to say via Twitter (follow them!):

While I'll miss the deuce burgers (they were incredibly good), I'm looking forward to hearing more original material. I am a huge fan of their last EP The Green Complex, which is just as creative and witty as any of their deuce burgers. You can listen and download the previous deuce burgers HERE.


International Treasure: Mr. Hudson & The Library

Many people within the states are now familiar with Mr. Hudson, the blonde haired Brit that signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D music label and sings on Paranoid off of 808s and Heartbreaks. My guess would be, that many of you don't know the 2007 album he created with his band The Library that got Mr. West's attention, A Tale of Two Cities.




So I'm convinced either Nicki Minaj is a little slow or Lil' Wayne wrote this because this is pure comedy in my opinion. She was just signed to Young Money and I pose this question to you all: Do people take her seriously???




Before I Was Born: Boyz-N-The-Hood

RIP Eazy E (1963-1995)

Ice Cube wrote this song back in 1987, and gave it to Eazy E to record. Boyz N Da Hood was featured on a N.W.A album as the legendary west coast rapper's solo.


Q&A: Trey Songz, Idle Warship, & Chrisette Michele

Trey Songz visits Charlmagne The God's radio show and talks about a track with Amerie, the reason behind Death of Kellz, and crabs.



Don’t worry you’re not the only one…

So many people are victims of the bad relationship, great sex combo.

It’s actually quite tragic because you want to leave but you’re stuck the D is just too good

And you’re probably thinking “Why should I have to give up on a dick that has only done me right, just because the person attached to it is a damn fool?”

And you’re right; you shouldn’t have to give it up…

As long as you’re planning to never move on.

...( Continue)...



Surprise, surprise, Hova's BluePrint 3 has leaked. It was only a matter of time, especially after all of those Timbaland produced tracks. BP3 releases in stores and Itunes, etc on September 11th. Download it after the jump.


Kinky Tuesdays: Freaky Orgasms

I found this intriguing article about how different parts our bodies can be stimulated to cause an orgasm…

Yes, an orgasm without ever touching your genitals… & yes it gets even weirder.

One guy wrote:

Last night I was watching porn and trying to get off. I grabbed my dick but I really wanted to rub my abs. I flexed my abs and started rubbing them up & down really fast. That made me cum! It was like jacking off my torso! I was holding my dick still but the action of flexing my abs and rubbing them made me cum. Have you heard of anything like that? It was a really cool orgasm...

... (Continue) ...