Kinky [Thursday]?

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s Thursday but why should Tuesday have all the fun?

I decided Thursday can also use some spicing up…

So in order to initiate this day into the Kinky series,

I’ve came up with a rather fitting dare.

These past few weeks have been quite stressful for the LVSXMUSIC staff (hence the lack of content)

But I’ m sure we’re not the only ones feeling the pressure, and I’ve found that when the brain is focused on school (as it should be), the sexual organs are put on hold (as they should be???)



Kinky Tuesdays: Scream

Another (wonderful?) Tuesday in October

Yes it is sill October (some of you might have forgotten since the weather has decided to give us a very long glimpse of Winter)

Those of you residing in sunny areas may not have to deal with the cold but it is Tuesday so there has to be SOMETHING dampening your mood…

Well do not fret; LVSXMUSIC is here (once again) to save the day …and NIGHT.

Halloween is creeping up and a good amount of scary movies are being released, it’s doubtful that you are going to be heading to the theatre on a Tuesday so why not bring the theater to you???



What happened to forever

We live in a world where love is not enough,

Where honesty is a myth,

& where romance doesn’t last.

I’ve witnessed many people who claimed to love each other

Hurt one another countless times and eventually end their relationship.

It was once said that all you need is love but that clearly is not true nowadays.

In her song Never be Lonely, Emily King eloquently asks

What happened to forever?”

And it got me thinking...(Continue)...


New Music: The Five One

<a href="http://thefiveone.bandcamp.com/track/you-were-my-friend-free">You Were My Friend (FREE) by The Five One</a>

In conjunction with the release of the new Five One ColorPillar shirt by One Vs Many (COP ONE ASAP!), The Five One has released a new song. You Were My Friend (Be Negative), is a song everyone can relate to. There's always that "friend" that tries to pull you down as you're reaching for the stars or when your star is shining a little brighter than theirs. Well dismiss them with this great song by The Five One, and rid yourself of any negativity.

I was your blood brother, now your blood type is Be Negative...


Video: Mike Posner

Here's the second episode in his One Foot Out The Door vlog series, in line with the release of his new mixtape of the same title. Check the first episode HERE if you missed out.

"Mike heads back to his second week at Duke University just in time to share the stage with Wale and his band after rocking a party at Emory the day before. Before he can even unpack, Mike hits the road with 10 of his closest friends from Duke and heads to a massive outdoor party at Virginia Tech, joined by his partner-in-crime, superproducer Benny Blanco. Watch as Mike and Benny rock for hundreds of VTech students before the police shut the party down, and then make a speedy escape that includes an impromptu game of trashketball."

If your in NYC this week check him out at SOB's CMJ showcase along with Big Sean, Brandon Hines, and Theophilus London.



The Morning After

In college, it’s the walk of shame

You meet someone at a party, maybe you’re drunk, maybe you’re not but you end up leaving with them and before you know it, sex happens.

You just slept with someone you just met and in the morning you put on the same outfit from last night and make your way across campus to your room

From just looking at you people know exactly what you were up to then night before

In the real world, it’s usually referred to as the morning after,



New Tracks

Here are some new tracks to simulate your ears:

Hidden Treasure: Steph Jones

You may recognize this self proclaimed Mr. Ordinary as that guy that sang the hook on that DTP song, Celebrity Chick. You may even recognize his face from Destiny Child's Jumpin Jumpin video or even Faith Evans' I Love You. Steph Jones, who was once signed to Def Jam/DTP, is out to make a name for himself. The singer/songwriter has been working on his debut album and put out a mixtape, better yet a "lifetape", via Twitter, entitled Gravity, yesterday.

Kinky Tuesdays: Let’s Play a Game

This week’s Tuesday has been made into a Monday

for the majority of us school and work were cancelled on Monday so this

Tuesday brings with it…Obligations & Commitments.

BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

This kinky Tuesday is dedicated to your inner child (so to speak)



Leaks: Wale

Due to touring with Jay-Z, Wale's debut Attention Deficit has been pushed back twice more to a November 10th release date. While he hasn't shot a video for his supposed second single World Tour with Jazmin Sullivan, some tracks have leaked to keep our ears out for the project. I don't believe any of these songs made the album, but get your Wale fix until more of the official tracks begin to leak.

Bittersweet ft. Colin Munroe

Fly Away

The Noisettes ft. Estelle & Wale - Don't Upset The Rhythm Remix


Video: Jesse Boykins III

The hardest working up and coming singer in New York, Jesse Boykins III performed some cuts from his album The Beauty Created at a Brooklyn street festival. First up is Amorous. Watch him perform Tabloids and Pantyhose as well.


Moving On…

I’m so confused,

I don’t know what to do,

But I gotta be a woman,

I gotta get over you…” -Mya

It’s easy to say but definitely hard to do.

Regardless of how badly they treat you and how evident it may be that it’s over,

You still find a reason to hold on instead of moving on.

And I’ not talking about simply moving on to the next because that does not always mean that you’ve moved on…

We often use new people to help take our minds off “the ex” but we soon realize that the new person was merely a distraction from our true feelings.



Singles: Robin Thicke, Angie Stone, Toni Braxton, Usher, Janelle Monae

Download | Alternative Link

Robin Thicke wants to give you some Sex Therapy. After the week I just had, I'm definitely buying what he's selling. Surprisingly this slow jam was produced by Polow Da Don, kudos to him for stepping out of the box and doing it well.

Download | Alternative Link

I'm feeling this new uptempo track from Ms. Stone. On I Ain't Hearin' U the singer dismisses gossip from her friends reassuring that "he wouldn't take my heart and break it in two, I'm sure that he will explain and make it plain to me." This is the first single for her upcoming album Unexpected, due in early 2010.


Your Girlfriend's Favorie Emcee

LA rapper The Werd just released his 7 track EP, Your Girlfriend's Favorite Emcee. He's admittedly coming a little harder on this effort, with a flow he describes as "provocative", that tracks like Rockin' and F.U.N exemplify.

Be sure to check it out, it's worth giving a listening to!



1. Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Emcee
2. Werdtendo
3. Rockin’
4. Summer Fruit
5. MC Lovin
6. F.U.N.
7. Malfunction

On Repeat: Werdtendo, Rockin', Malfunction


Video: Joy Jones, Q-Tip, Mr. Hudson

I've been playing catch up with all the videos that have been released in the past week. First up is the clip Over from soul singer Joy Jones' album Godchild. There's a combination of interesting visuals, with the focus on the lyrics of the song, in this short black and white video.



International Treasure: The Noisettes

The Noisettes are a soul rock band from London, but don't let their name fool you, the music they create is the farthest thing from sheer noise. Front woman Shingai Shoniwa's voice is like a dream, floating over the guitar strings of Dan Smith and pulsating beat of the drums of Jamie Morrison.

They're second studio album Wild Young Hearts was released in the United States in late September, which you can find a download for below. The album is a great eclectic mix of pop and soul, with Shoniwa's voice being great nod to that vintage 60s sound that's been the influence for other artists like Raphael Saadiq.


The Catch Up

The Neptunes are giving themselves the Black Eyed Peas treatment and adding a female vocalist, Rhea, to this Billionaire Boys' Club.

  • NERD Gets All 3-D With A New Female Member [SoulBounce]
  • Bilal To Release Electro-Jazz Rock Album In 2010 [BillBoard]
  • Exclusive Anthony Hamilton Interview [Suite903]


Video: Theophilus London, Raphael Saadiq, The Foreign Exchange

LVSXM favorites Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III are back at it again, creating a smooth track entitled Enjoy The Sun, accompanied in this video by the breath taking images of nature. Download the song HERE or THERE.



Before I Was Born: Darling Nikki

I can admit my obsession with Prince is unhealthy, but say what you will about this flamboyant character, he's still a musical genius and great story teller. Darling Nikki off the classic Purple Rain album is a testament to that. Check out the song after the jump if you're unfamiliar with Nikki the sex fiend. You'll also find a recent interview with Eric Roberson, speaking on the track's influence on him, and a few unexpected covers of the song.



Kinky Tuesdays: Scary Sex

It's the first Tuesday in October, the month that ends with Halloween,

So what better way to kick off this month's Kinky Tuesdays than with some Scary Sex Facts

Now I'm sure by now you all know that some people can take kinky too far

And today's post will show you just far KINKY can go…

Twilight invoked some thoughts of being with "the dead" for many people

But even before the movie, there were people who enjoyed "being with" the dead…



"If I gotta tell you how to love me,

Then the love isn't natural,

If I gotta show you, then it isn't as beautiful,

Should I let you go or stick around with my fingers crossed

And wait, wait, wait, wait…"

This is currently one of my favorite songs: Wait by J Minor

And it really has got me thinking…

We all have ideas of how love should be or how we would want it to be…

For some us these serve as standards and for others they're merely desires,

But either way, I don't think it's something to give up on.



Video: Mike Posner

Mike Posner's on the advertising trail for his new mixtape, One Foot Out The Door due October 29th. Watch the first in a series of episodes following Mike's life as he tries to balance being a full time student at Duke and his rising star as an entertainer.

That opening track is sick, he needs to release that ASAP.

Don't know who Mike Posner is? Download his first mixtape A Matter of Time to get familiar with his music.


Where In The World Is: Donell Jones

The Where I Wanna Be crooner fell off the face of the earth after his third studio album 2002 's Life Goes On. He made a brief, but mostly under appreciated comeback in 2006 with Journey of a Gemini, and has since been harder to track down than that super sleuth cartoon Carmen Sandiego. He reigned the R&B scene those four years spanning 1999-2002, but even before then was giving us music to rival that of his own influences, like his cover of Stevie Wonder's Knocks Me Off My Feet from his debut, My Heart.

With most R&B music lacking the genuine sincerity it once had I can't help but be nostalgic, warranted, if I'm even old enough to be. I miss his voice, his charm, and most importantly that smile and subtle dimple on his left cheek the way he could evoke a multitude of emotions, each hypnotizing in its own way, giving you no choice but to sing along.