Where In The World Is: Donell Jones

The Where I Wanna Be crooner fell off the face of the earth after his third studio album 2002 's Life Goes On. He made a brief, but mostly under appreciated comeback in 2006 with Journey of a Gemini, and has since been harder to track down than that super sleuth cartoon Carmen Sandiego. He reigned the R&B scene those four years spanning 1999-2002, but even before then was giving us music to rival that of his own influences, like his cover of Stevie Wonder's Knocks Me Off My Feet from his debut, My Heart.

With most R&B music lacking the genuine sincerity it once had I can't help but be nostalgic, warranted, if I'm even old enough to be. I miss his voice, his charm, and most importantly that smile and subtle dimple on his left cheek the way he could evoke a multitude of emotions, each hypnotizing in its own way, giving you no choice but to sing along.