Heavy Rotation: JamieTheophilusRihannaJDaveyKelisAlicia

I'm really feeling Jamie's new single, Speak French, for his fourth studio album, tentatively titled Body. The certified freak enlists Gucci (brrr) on the Bangladesh produced track, who to my surprise, offers a clever verse to the track.

I don't speak French, but I'll tongue you down...

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Pairing with Mountain Dew's Green Label, Theophilus London releases Humdrum Town featuring fellow Brooklyn-ite Jesse Boykins III.

Now its us in this humdrum town I'm gonna keep my eyes on you...

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Hole In My Head featuring Justin Timberlake is the bonus track for Rated R.

Sometimes I get crazy and I ain't scared of nobody...Don't look at me funny like you ain't hearing what I said, I got a hole in my head...

J* Davey is releasing their new album Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape on Christmas day (YYAAHH!). Here's the first single, Outta The World.

Thought I knew just where to go, thought I had something to say, what do I know...

Kelis is making her comeback to the music scene with a dance track I'm now officially obsessed with, Acapella produced by David Guetta.

Before you, my whole life was acapella now a symphony is the only song to sing...

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Alicia's wispy, yet strong voice definitely takes you into a daydream on this mystical song, Dreaming. While not on any of the official tracklistings for her new album The Element Of Freedom, if it's any indication of the type of music we can look forward to, we're in for quite a treat.

Try to keep my feet on the ground, but the feeling knocks me down...

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