International Treasure: Taio Cruz

The gorgeous man looming over these words in none other than Great Britain's own Taio Cruz. This talented musician released his self produced debut Departure in 2008 to rave reviews. The twelve track LP detailed love's trials and tribulations, with his voice bold and beautiful over every instrumental, whether it be the strings on I Can Be or the airy background vocals of She's Like A Star. Mainly a collection of ballads, the album received criticism for not being diversified, however that distinction doesn't and shouldn't take away from the stellar effort put into each track.

His latest album Rokstarr which was released this past October, shows the diversity those critics were looking for in a pop record. Dirty Picture is definitely a departure from his previous work, both in content and sound, but still manages to stay true to who Cruz is as an artist. An eclectic mix of Euro-dance tracks, R&B, soul and pop, his sound appeals to a variety of listeners, allowing him to produce and write for artists like Brittany Spears to Brandy.

He hasn't made his way across the pond officially, but expect to hear more from Taio wether on the mic, or behind it.

Now I feel that this heart, of mine has
taken many falls,
Still sometimes the rain, can turn into a
And the prettiest things, can come out
of the coldest night,
And even with broken wings, sometimes
you find your way to fly

Below are my favorite songs from the Brazilian-Nigerian singer, in no particular order of course. Continue after the jump to watch some of his videos.