2Cents: TheSeaElementofFreedomBlakrocSexTherapy

Sonically, this album is not as rose colored as the British crooner's debut. Tragedy in the death of her husband has created, surprisingly, not a dark album, but an electrifying, emotionally charged, melodic, and pleasingly optimistic work that only Corinne's sweet voice, now layered with experience can evoke.

Ms. Keys gives us another round of tracks with her perspective on love and life, and every bout gets better. The title is fitting as every track gives you a feeling of power and a sense of being unstoppable, with Alicia's voice strong and commanding throughout. I'm hoping the Drake assisted Unthinkable will be the third single.

Just over a half hour, Dame Dash's project with rock/blues group Black Keys and various hip hop artists from Ludacris to Raekwon is a chill album to cool out to. Mos Def's contributions are definitely the highlights, and vocal appearances from ex-Rocafella artist Nicole Wray are a nice touch to the all boys club.

Robin Thicke's sexy, but in case we forgot, or somehow missed the memo, he's hitting us with an overtly sexual record which will definitely have long time fans cringing initially. The first half is more light hearted and sexually liberal, inciting help from emcees Jay-Z, Kid Cudi and Nicki Minaj. The latter half with Estelle, The Game and Jazmine Sullivan gets back to the essence of our favorite blue eyed soul man, and will save the record for those who aren't exactly ready to shake it for daddy.