Get To Know: The Five One Band

<a href="http://thefiveone.bandcamp.com/album/free-remixes">LA Girl (Weezer) by The Five One</a>

Regulars to the blog know I'm a huge fan of The Five One Band out of the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. The band's started uploading YouTube videos to give fans a more in depth look at the people behind the colors [Red, Blue, Green & Gold] and the music.

Preview and download their 5109 Remix album free above [just hit the red DOWNLOAD button in the player], which they cut short in favor of making an EP of all new original Five One music, if you haven't heard any of their material before, or haven't heard all 31 of the unnervingly great remixes they put out last year.

Everything is art is everything...

To call them characters would be an understatement. Get familiar with The Five One: