LOOKOUT!: Anticipating Releases of 2010

Sade [[Soldier of Love]]

After a ten year hiatus the British beauty and lead singer of the self titled band is back to reign the quiet storm airwaves once again. With a worldwide release in nearly two weeks on February 8th, no inch of this globe will be without the sounds of her voice floating through their speakers, wafting onto the streets. Check out the mysterious militaristic video for the title single below.

Drake [[Thank Me Later]]

The Canadian taking the rap game by storm has pushed back his long awaited debut from a Valentine's Day release to sometime in March. The So Far Gone artist already has big names on the project like Jay-Z and The Dream, but with no material leaked as of yet, we're sill in the dark as to the direction and sound.

Usher [[Raymond vs. Raymond]]

When the buzz single Papers released in October, I immediately thought this project was an attempt to reclaim the magic of Confessions, putting his personal life on wax again. The rest of the material that has leaked fromUsher's sixth studio album due out March 2nd like the first single Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) featuring Plies has me expecting a set of more personal, heart felt songs pitted against the playboy in the 31 year old newly divorced bachelor. Everything I've heard has been pretty flat, but it's Usher so I'll keep my fingers crossed for better material .

Bilal [[Air Tight's Revenge]]

Every Bilal fan I know is still trying to beat symptoms of withdrawal by playing the 1st Born Second album and Love for Sale, the shelved album everyone seems to own, on repeat. Check out this interview done with OkayPlayer recently, where he talks about the upcoming album, his Grammy nod, and his song writing process. Mr. Wonderful says the "main goal is to mix jazz, hip-hop, soul, blues, and experimental free music into one." You can check out a live video of him performing Levels, the first new material from the album in the link as well.