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Mr. Hudson's new single Anyone But Him featuring Kanye West off his solo project Straight No Chaser. This is the single version, where the instrumental has been tweaked.

"School boy fists, we could take this outside, but knowing my luck that f*** would win...anyone but him..."

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West - Anyone But Him

Lupe's second single, I'm Beaming, off the upcoming project L.A.S.E.R.S. There's been a lot of controversy over the leaking of his singles

"It's kids who wanna leave and I encourage them, go out and see the world and never return from, yea you don't come back unless you learn something..."

This Tricky Stewart-Dream produced tracked is rumored to be off Jamie's fourth solo project tentatively titled Body.

"Tell that n**** you quit, and you gon' be with me..."

Jamie Foxx - Quit Your Job