Driis: Idris Elba's Alter Ego

Most recognize the face above as the handsome British actor best known for his stint as Stringer Bell on HBO's critically acclaimed The Wire or as Beyonce's faithful husband in Obsessed. What you may not know is that acting [and being fine] aren't his only talents, he's branching out into music. Coming onto the scene first as a DJ, and now as an artist, he's releasing a five track EP entitled High Class Problems on Monday, the 8th.

Best I Can leaked sometime last year, and while he's not the best vocalist, as you can imagine, the song is still poignant in a way you can only accredit to lyrics drawn on personal experiences. From the sound of it, all the tracks have that same potential, so I'm looking forward to hearing it in its entirety.

Track list:
1. Best That I Can (Written by Driis, Produced by Vitamin D)
2. Please Be True (Written by Driis, Produced by Pete Rock & Driis)
3. Private Garden (Written by Driis, Produced by 9th Wonder)
4. Extraordinary Love (Written by Driis & Hanif Jainlett, Produced by Hanif Jainlett for Hevlar Recordings)
5. Absolutely (Written by Driis & The Klassix, Produced by The Klassix)